Sustainable travel

Greener business travel

If travelling sustainable is a priority, FCM can help. We can guide you to make greener choices and at the same time, we look to partner with suppliers that share our values in these key areas, supporting a brighter future for all. Visibility of your carbon footprint is just the beginning. Talk to us today about how we can assist you to create a greener, more sustainable travel program.


FCM's solution covers four key areas



Define objective of travel program vs needs for travel

  • Reduction pathway
  • Removal pathway
  • Supplier strategy
  • Measurements


Drive travel behaviour to achieve program objectives

  • Communication
  • Education
  • Systems


Visibility for all stakeholders, including individuals

  • Program Impact
  • Calculations
  • Individual impact
  • Benchmark


How to integrate offset programs and ensure easy of use

  • Right partner
  • Payment
  • Governance

Build a greener program with Arrivon

Arrivon gives your travellers the tools to choose more sustainable options right from the planning stage. With destination based messaging, a traffic light system customised to your sustainability policy and CO2 emissions displayed - your travellers are prompted at every step to consider the most sustainable choice for travel.

Book an Arrivon demo today to discover the full range of features for sustainability and your overall travel program.


So what is FCM doing?

Formed some time ago, our own Green Team is working with us to drive initiatives in our every day to minimise our impact on the environment. The many initiatives which have taken off are, cycling to work or catching the train; using the stairs not the elevator; the introduction of environmentally friendly products throughout our offices; reducing plastic usage; reduction of paper usage, recycling; composting and that's just a few. 

Create a greener travel program with FCM

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