Simplified Pricing


59 SEK / per active traveller / month


  • First class support from our travel experts within 1 minute
  • All travel content you need and FCM exclusive deals
  • Easy to book on our own developed platform Arrivon


99 SEK / per active traveller / month


  • Pre payment – no receipt for travellers
  • Easy invoicing and reporting with multiple references
  • Approval and policy settings
  • Traveller tracking
  • CO2 emission reporting


Customized pricing model


  • Dedicated Account Manager & Travel Experts
  • Single sign on
  • Extensive reporting
  • HR feed
  • Optimized supplier agreements

Discover the alternative

Starter Professional Premium
The Human Touch      
FCM Covid Centre - Personal guidance to travel safely Check Check Check
Customer Service - We respond within minutes Nordic Local Dedicated team
24/7 365 days a year At Charge Check Check
Personal Travel Expert - We analyse your travel to save you money   Check Check
Your travel needs      
Travel content - Air, rail, hotel, car rental, transfer Check Check Check
Access to FCM Exclusive Travel Deals - Nordic travel deals Global travel deals Check Check Check
Upload your own travel supplier agreements   Check Check
Sam - Your travel app Check Check Check
On top of things      
Cost Centre & references 1 reference Up to 5 references more than 5 references
Travel stats incl. CO2 emissions   One/Year Customized
Traveller Tracking Standard(view bookings) Advanced Advanced
Approval Processes      
Book for others & guests Check Check Check
HR feed and/or Single Sign-on (SSO)     Check
Target fares with stoplights - travel policy settings   Check Check
Easy to pay      
Credit and Debit cards Check Check Check
Travel Account/Invoicing   Check Customized
Prepaid Travel   Check Check
Expense Tool   Partner offering Partner offering
The special something      
VIP Services   At Charge Customized
Book Leisure travel Per offer Per offer Per offer
Group Travel & E Per offer Per offer Per offer
Green Team      
CO2 emission report   Check Check
Carbon offsets via Southpole (klickbar to read more) Check Check Check
Policy for green options   Check Check
Book sustainable & eco-friendly meetings Per offer Per offer Per offer

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