Safety and Risk

Travel safety and risk has taken on a whole new meaning. You need to ensure that your travellers are taken care of while away from home, now more than ever.

FCM combines the expertise of people, with the power of technology to help you do this.


Safe Booking

Eliminate the chance of booking unsafe hotels or dodgy transport.
Our booking system is full of trusted suppliers you can count on.


Stay Informed

When it comes to keeping your travellers safe, information is key. Access all the details you need from your mobile and on the Arrivon platform, wherever you are in the world.


24/7 Support

We are available to support your travellers no matter what happens on the journey. Our travel experts are on call at all hours of the day, ready to lend a hand.


Reliable updates

Things can change in an instant. We notify you of all developing safety risks, giving you seamless technology to help you make changes.


Covid Centre

Our Covid Centre is powered by travel experts who are constantly monitoring multiple sources of information and will contact you should there be changes to quarantine requirements, border restrictions and other elements which could impact your journey. 


Traveller tracking and alerts

Arrivon's interactive global map shows you where all your travellers are and flags if anyone on the move is near any major incident. Alerts are sent through Arrivon and our travel app.

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