Trust and Compliance

FCM Travel has always taken the privacy and confidentiality of your employees’ personal data seriously. We comply with our obligations under all applicable privacy and data protection laws, in all the jurisdictions where we operate.

Our legal, risk, security and privacy teams constantly review our operations to ensure we are appropriately managing risks and securely storing and processing the personal data of our clients as we provide them an unmatched global corporate travel management service. From this page you can access information and download relevant documents from FCM’s trust and compliance programme.

FCM’s role as a data controller

White paper setting out FCM’s position as an independent data controller for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation.


Controller to controller data privacy addendum

FCM’s data privacy addendum (controller to controller) applying to our Travel Management Services Agreement.


FCM’s GDPR compliance statement

FCM’s programme of continuous improvement for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.


Data security

Actions taken to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data within FCM’s network.


Partner network assurance

Audit process for ensuring FCM’s network of country partners are processing data in accordance with FCM’s security requirements.


FCM Privacy notice

Under GDPR, we process personal data as a data controller in accordance with the provisions set out in our Privacy Notice.


Contacting our data protection officers

Contact points for our global and regional data protection officers.