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Say hello to the easy way to manage travel

Say goodbye to the stress of separate booking, handling and invoicing of business trips.

Say hello to Arrivon.

Uncomplicated business travel with a range of added benefits! Specifically designed for Nordic businesses, Arrivon is about more than booking travel.

We have combined innovative technology with outstanding personal service so our customers receive all services from a single source – reliable, fast and cost-effective.

Travellers: Easy booking, smooth journey

Go your own way. Whether you’re on the road, in the air, or touching down — Make the most of your travel without the stress. We make every part of your business travel trip easy. Say goodbye to disconnected, frustrating experiences and hello to seamless journeys.


Profiles and Policies

Save all your important preferences including seats, loyalty numbers and meal preferences. Easily reference company travel policy for speedier bookings. 


Bookings and travel updates

Book in under 3 minutes for all your travel needs - flights, car, rail and hotels. You'll receive live updates for your journey through Arrivon and our mobile travel app.


24/7 Support - chat, email, call

Find your travel team contact details in Arrivon or simply use the live chat if you have any questions. If you need to call, an FCM expert is available 24/7.



No more keeping track of receipts and making expense claims. Pre-payment for accommodation and transport means you don't have to use your own money on your trip.


You can access all the features of Arrivon at any time across any device

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Do you coordinate business travel?

Booking travel doesn’t have to be stressful. With the right tools and resources at your fingertips, you have everything you need to handle bookings seamlessly and maintain a flexible travel programme.


Booking for guests

It's quick and easy to book travel on behalf of other people in Arrivon. Bookings are saved so repeat bookings are even faster! Manage traveller profiles to ensure preferences are always up to date.


View Bookings

Co-ordinating travel for multiple employees can be overwhelming. Arrivon solves that with the push of a button to give you a single view of all your travellers and their upcoming, current and historic trips. 


Traveller tracking and alerts

Arrivon's interactive global map shows you where all your travellers are and flags if anyone on the move is near any major incident. Alerts are sent through Arrivon and our travel app.

Travel administrators and finance: Smarter, simpler processes

Arrivon has been designed and built to satisfy your business needs as reliably, quickly and efficiently as possible. We've worked with companies like yours to develop the functionality managers need to reduce complication and increase results.


Reporting and compliance

Create reports easily in Arrivon, both at an individual traveller and organisational level. Track your spend, your savings and future savings opportunities all at the press of button.


Easy payment & expense 

In Arrivon, you add your payment method once and it's done. We can also arrange prepayment for transport and accommodation to reduce traveller expenses.


Custom references

Set up reference fields in Arrivon to suit your business and allow you to efficiently allocate invoices, eg Reason for Travel; Project Codes; Cost Centres and Employee IDs.

Do you need help with business travel?

Contact us today and find out how we can support you in the best possible way!

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