Save money with FCM and Arrivon

So many ways to count the savings

We always find new savings opportunities for our customers, both by using our exclusive partnerships with various suppliers and our global network within the Flight Center Travel Group. This gives us access to the cheapest prices that are not available on other platforms, for example on the Internet or through other travel agencies.

Partnerships and collaborations

You benefit from our exclusive partnerships and collaborations with suppliers at a local, regional and global level. We use these benefits to save money for our clients and make it easier for you - for example, we have been able to remove the previously necessary deposit from car rental companies. Our relationships with suppliers also means we can negotiate additional benefits for you like our SmartStay accommodation exclusives.


Benefit from ongoing optimisation

FCM's Smart Track is an automated ticket tracker for unused tickets for possible refunds, putting money back in your hands.

FCM's Smart Fare is the process we undertake on your behalf to monitor booked tickets to find possible lower fares.

We are always looking for ways to save you money and deliver the most value for your investment in business travel.


Proactive travel management

Optimisation doesn't stop with your fares and rates. We take a holistic approach and support you in other ways as well, such as optimizing your travel policy. A regular review of your policy can reveal opportunities for a small change to make a big difference, driving further savings through compliance. We take care of this for you so you can focus on the really important things - your company's path to success!


Reduce expenses and administration

By implementing prepayment for transport and accommodation into Arrivon, there's no need for travellers to incur these expenses on their trip. This simplifies administration, invoicing and reporting. By consolidating costs through Arrivon your reporting becomes more comprehensive and gives you better visibility of spend. 


Time is money - let us save you both

Whether you are a traveller, someone who books travel, or the person who manages and reports travel spend... your time is valuable.

Disruption is one of the biggest waster of time (and cause of stress). When last minute changes or unexpected delays happen, you can book a new flight within minutes - quickly, easily and at no extra cost! Don't waste time in long queues or waiting on hold.

Organising business travel can be more complicated than expected, especially when you have multiple travellers. We handle everything for you and put processes in place to reduce the paperwork and give you back time in your day.


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